Peer2Peer Program

Become Your Sisters Keeper as a Peer
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Our sister veterans need our support.

The Peer Support Advocate provides consistent social support, case management, and advocacy services for women veterans in Hope4veterans program and accessing, transitional services and case management services. The Peer Support Advocate helps women veteran sisters navigate systems and obtain the services that are necessary for stability and wellness. Peer2Peer sisters identify as a consumer and utilize personal life experience when working with clients. Hope4Veterans mission emphasizes supportive, non-judgmental care, preventive care, health education and community referrals to address the broad spectrum of health and psycho-social concerns of our women veterans served and serving.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who are we looking for?

Women Veterans that have the passion and desire to give back to her sisters that have challenges in her life. Hope4veterans will provide the tools/guidance and the skills to assist women safely and productively as mentors.

Why did we start the sister (Peer2Peer) Mentorship Program?

Hope4veterans after 1.5 years of research and mentoring Women Veterans found that there were many challenges between the mentor and mentored so Hope4veterans created a sister mentorship/ peer2Peer program to guide our sisters safely and productive with in the community for benefits and resources needed. Many other challenges were struggles with personality, boundaries, and understanding how help guide the women veteran that struggled back into self-sufficiency and building and developing the skills and tools to find her voice.  Hope4veteran goals was to prevent Isolation, suicide, and homelessness and this one of our first steps to these goals. Besides providing the skills to help guide our sisters we want to honor, recognize, and empower both the Mentor and Mentored.

What’s the Process for Sister (Peer2peer) Mentorship Program?

• Being able to dedicate 4 hrs. a week for 6 weeks for online or in person training (could be additional classes online after 6 weeks) facilitators will give more instructions
• Apply on Online- Fill out Application
• Attach verification of military status (DD214/ID)
• Fill out the Questionnaire online
• 5-7 days H4V team will contact you for in person or zoom interview
• Team will give you a set date and time to attend Online or in person 6 week training

What will you take away from Sister (Peer2Peer) Mentorship Program?
  • Opportunity to grow within your self
  • Learn more about strengths, challenges, and types of personalities
  • Fun art and variety activities
  • Camaraderie with other Women Veterans
  • Learn a skills and tools to help sisters overcome challenges
  • Opportunity to grow, and find your passion within Hope4veterans community by helping sisters
What are future goals for Sister (Peer2Peer) Mentorship Program?

• Women that have overcome their challenges to find their passion and able to “ Give Back” to help her sisters
• Additional online classes (military sexual trauma, suicide, Claim process training)
• In person/ online support meetings expand to other areas
• Art Projects
• Community projects collaboration with other organizations
• Women Veteran/ Spouses Meet and Greets
• Military Family events
• Create a safe environment to allow women veteran/ women spouses to tell her stories and also guide them to obtain the benefits they deserve.

What is the Peer2Peer Program?

The Peer2Peer sister advocacy and mentoring program was designed to focus on the whole woman. Establishing a network of women veterans for women veterans is the goal.

The military community established many norms in your life and the life of others which we maintain throughout the years of service. Some become cumbersome and others become your identities. Albeit all cultural customs and traditions of your own you adopt new ones which stay with you for a lifetime.

The long-standing tradition of assigning you a battle buddy is so that two people operate together to monitor and help each other out. The main purpose of the system is improved safety. The system is established so that each may prevent the other from becoming a casualty.

The purpose of the Peer2Peer sister advocacy and mentoring program is to ensure that you continue your life with the support of your peer and do not become a casualty.

The goal is to empower every Woman Veteran that is ready to give back to her community and help another Woman Veteran reach their potential. By pairing up our Veteran with a peer, the program hopes to not leave Veteran behind.

To Be a Peer2Peer, or Not To Be

To become a Peer2Peer Sister Advocate and Mentor allows you to focus your unique talents and gifts on the Veteran population and in your community.

The unique talent to understand what a person is going through and empathize with your peers is a powerful and meaningful connection. Through peer2peer mentoring you can help others while helping yourself.

The interactions and relationships that developed within this coaching program help sustain the advocacy efforts that many are trying to reach.

The 5 principles of advocacy Clarity of Purpose, Safeguarding, Confidentiality, Equality & Diversity, & Empowerment, can be transferred to everyone within the program.

Whether you are a mentor or a mentee, the power of the message is that “I know you and understand you. I am your sister. I will be here for you as you are here for me”