Sponsors and Partners

This page is dedicated to those businesses who have helped Hope4Veterans.

What is MilSaver.com?
MilSaver.com is an online shopping site featuring over 500 stores including the best-known names in retail. The site features over 75,000 coupons and deals to help you save money. The site is FREE to use, open to the EVERYONE. Hope4veterans gets 90% of the profits generated when you buy something through the link. Shop now, shop often and tell your friends to shop too! Thank you for helping us help veterans!

Thank you Walmart for the donations to help our Military women. Multiple stores have each donated funds to Hope4Veterans which will allow the purchase of laptops or direct aid to those in need.

Due to a grant from the United Way of Northeast Florida, Hope4Veterans was able to help 32 families afford food in the months of September and October. For many of our military families, this came at the perfect time.

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