Do you need assistance with groceries or a temporary place to stay?

Do you live in St. Johns County, Florida?

Apply for assistance here. We would be happy to help.


We want to reach Woman Veterans!

We are looking for women veterans to start social gatherings in their area along with becoming leaders.

Hope4Veterans is a 501c3 nonprofit that wants to reach, inspire and support women veterans. We provide many programs to help our women build on their goals, find their passion that they have missed since their military time and get the benefits they deserve.

    1. Hope4Veterans Peer 2 Peer Program - Assist and empower military women by using advocacy and holistic training to help with recovery and self sufficiency.
      1. Mentor/Advocacy Sisters
      2. Women Speakers
      3. Workshops (MST, Empowerment, Self Care)
      4. Art Therapy
      5. Yoga, Zumba
      6. Women Veteran Luncheon
      7. Women podcast - Telling your story by Kia Baker
      8. Women Veteran Retreat/Family Event


    1. Financial Assistance Program - Hope4Veterans may assist financially with utilities, groceries, gas and other needs for our female military service members and veterans. Assistance is subject to several criteria
      1. Direct payments to utility companies
      2. Gift cards for food and/or gas
      3. Inspirational Baskets/Gift bags


    1. Laptop Program - Hope4veterans may provide a laptop free of charge to a woman veteran. This is subject to need and availability.
      1. Free Laptop for a Woman Veteran in need
      2. Free updates to their current laptop for most services (small cost may be applicable for some services)
      3. IT Training and workshops


    1. Single Women New Babies Program - The following supplies and services will be subject to availability and financial need
      1. Car Seat
      2. Crib
      3. Diapers and Clothing
      4. Parenting Classes and Mentoring


    1. VA Sister Assistance Program - Assist Women Veterans Sister help from other Women Service Officers within Florida with their Claims including MST/PTSD and variety of others concerns regarding claims. Help answer questions on upgrade discharge process. Provide contact information for claims and forms to help assist Women Veterans in filing their own claim if they choose.
      1. Answer a variety of questions pertaining to the VA system and claims filing
      2. Referral to a certified VSO (Veteran Service Officer) for assistance with filing a claim
      3. Veteran advocate for accompanying to a Claim and Pension (CP) Exam (subject to notice, location and availability)
      4. VA Medical system assistance


      1. K9 Partners for Patriots
      2. K9s for Warriors
      3. Guardian Angels


    1. Housing Women and Children Program - In approximately 2-5 years our goal is to have a place where we provide emergency or transitional housing. We may also supply assistance, programs, business opportunities, and resources for female veterans and their families.


Ultimate Question I Have Received:

How do we reach and connect to our military women in the state?

How do we get them the resources and benefits they need?

Why is there such a high rate of Women Veteran homelessness and suicide and how do we reduce it?

We may not have all the answers however, small actions can ultimately save a woman's life!! Doing nothing may lead to increases to suicide rates and homelessness.


Community Projects


Peer to Peer Connections

Women Veterans utilize their skills to help other Women Veterans. This will depend on the skills of the Women Veterans, Location and time availability.

Free Laptop and Free IT Training

Assist Women Veterans with provide Free Laptop for Educational/Schooling/Employment Or Starting a Business needs. One Laptop per Women Veteran while supplies last. Training Specialized Security/General Use operation system is an option too. Lynn's Husband is a trained IT computer Forensics professional who can provide additional training for possible job positions.

Art Programs/Holistic Therapies

Assist Women Veterans Sisters with Writing, Photography and Creative Art with Sister Support communication.

Women Day

Assisting Women Veterans Sisters on a time of Relaxation and ME time. Women Day will provide resources, Holistic recreation by other Women Veteran skills such as Massage therapy, Art, Essential Oils, yoga, Storytelling, Acupuncture, water activities and additional fun activities to revive, and rejuvenate to take care of themselves.

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